What You Must Know and Understand About The Detox Diet

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What You Must Know and Understand About The Detox Diet

Article by Jeff Olsonn

For many different cultures diets for cleansing the body have been normal health remedies for a long time. It really has not been until roughly the past thirty years that information began appearing about this approach to alternative health. Even though detox diets are becoming very popular, there are many people who should not be using them. People with serious medical conditions such as diabetes, kidney disease and anemia should avoid this diet. Also, pregnant or nursing women should not participate in a detox diet as it is unsafe for them. Many men and women have given colon cleansing diets a try, and the only side effect has been weight loss. Detoxification of your body gives you multiple health benefits that you should know about.

Adrenal weakness is a condition that isn’t given much credibility by Western medicine but is recognized by holistic doctors. This condition has symptoms including low blood pressure and chronic exhaustion. Alternative medicine attributes this condition to chronically high levels of stress. Doctors usually place patients on a detox diet after treating them for adrenal weakness. The reason for doing so is to allow the body to eliminate toxins and set the stage for higher energy levels and improved health and vitality. When the health of the human body is at stake, it is important for it to be in an alkaline state rather than acidic. In order for your body to function properly, it needs to be in an alkaline state, so that is what most detox diets are trying to achieve. Liquids, including primarily water and herbal teas, form the basis of many detoxification diets that will clean out your whole system. The list of possibilities is actually quite long in the herbal literature. There are many reliable reference guides that can give you the necessary information about herbal teas. One thing that you will find with the use of herbs, is that many have properties that will cause detoxification.

One particular detox diet is known as the Master Cleanse. Another common name for this one is the lemonade diet. This method is more like a fast in which only lemonade with maple syrup and cayenne pepper is consumed. As you can clearly see, this seems pretty hardcore and is not for everyone. One well known entertainer was in the news because she lost weight while on the lemonade diet. However, she later reported that she gained the weight back after coming off of it. But keep in mind this is a detox diet and not a lose weight diet. Also, doctors have warned that women in certain situations should not use this approach. So – see your doctor if this diet appeals to you and be safe, always.

Probably every adult could use a reliable and safe form of detox diet after a certain number of years. Especially countries in the Western part of the world, who consume far too many processed foods, would profit by using a detox diet on a regular basis. But, many societies, especially in the Western hemisphere, are suspicious of alternative forms of health care and, therefore, detoxification is not as accepted or recognized as other forms of medical treatment.

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