What You Need to Know About the Painless Diet

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Going on a detox hardly means that one has to sip on water for days together. It can be as painless as ever as long as you ease into the programme as carefully as possible.

In fact, it is the perfect way by which one can kickstart a weight loss programme and is easier than you think.

The most obvious benefit would be that you’d clear your system of toxins that have been around for a while, rebalance itself and as a result, run itself much better.

So, the first part of this painless detox diet includes eliminating foods that actually help you feel much better yet as mentioned earlier, in a painless manner.

A number of these foods include wheat and dairy products, red meat, foods that contain refined carbohydrates, saturated fats, additives and certain drinks such as coffee etc.

As for snacks, breakfast, lunch and dinner, here are options that comprise the painless detox diet:


– Porridge that is made from millet, rice and and rolled oats

– Boiled or poached egg

– Soya yoghurt with sunflower seeds, a little honey and linseeds

– Avocado on wheat-free toast


– Pasta salad which uses non-wheat pasta and cold steamed, vegetables

– Potato salad with potato jacket as well as soaked in French dressing

– Salad on non-wheat bread or rye crispbread


– Grilled or steamed fish

– Grilled, organic and skinless chicken breast

– Brown rice with steamed veggies and tofu

– Brown rice with bean or lentil stew


– Raw nuts and seeds

– Raw vegetables

– Fruit

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