How About Starting On A Detox Diet For A New Year Resolution?

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How About Starting On A Detox Diet For A New Year Resolution?

Article by Sandra Kim Leong

Welcome to The New Year 2007! Many of you would probably take this time to reflect on the past year and to make resolutions for the new year.

In terms of health, you may get disappointed that you have not done enough in the past year. Blame it also on the numerous fast foods that you had or the junk foods that you constantly stuff yourself while watching TV. Or the many times that you had put off an exercise program in order to finish the last minute report on your desk.

Well, instead of dwelling too much on what may have been, you should make New Year resolutions to become healthier. Surely, you would want the new year to end better than the last? New year resolutions are easier to stick to if you make them specific and with practical steps. One thing that you can address and make adjustments for a healthier you is to through what you eat.

The improper diet of the past is likely to be the root causes of toxins in your body. Toxins show up in the symptoms that you are experiencing like weight gain, heart diseases, constipation, low energy and skin disorders.

To get rid of these unwanted substances or excesses of the past, you can consider adopting a detox diet for the new year. Detoxification is vital. You need to clear the debris in your system first before you can be on the track to recovery and health.

A detox diet that aims at the detoxification of your GI tract would cleanse and heal your digestive organs including your stomach and your small and large intestine. There may be times when cysts, adenomas or polyps breed in your organs. Detoxification of your GI tract can help in removing these unwanted components. It also helps to strengthen the organs in performing their functions i.e. the removal of waste.

Starting on a detox diet is really not all that hard. For a simple one, you can replace the amount of processed foods that you are consuming with more fruit juices, herbal drinks and broths. You can also use herbs to assist in the detoxification for your GI tract.

However, if you have certain specific ailments or toxin removal that you hope to target, you should go under the guidance of a natural health practitioner. Make 2007 the year of recovery and to improved health!

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