The Benefits and Side Effects of Detox Diets

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The Benefits and Side Effects of Detox Diets

Article by John Parks

Detox diets seem to be the trendy thing. They are important to dieters who are looking to lose weight. People who are tired or sick all of the time may try them out to rejuvenate and renew their bodies and minds. Alternative health individuals feel that this diet is ideal because they are helpful in cleaning out sometimes years of toxins that have collected in the body and its cells. Whatever the motivation is in doing a detox diet, a person considering it should be aware of what is involved with it and what the side effects will be in the process.

Detox diets are those that have to do with eating only certain foods for a set amount of time. They are used to flush out poisons from both foods and the surrounding environment that have clogged up a person’s body over time. Numerous kinds of diets like this exist.

In general, this diet is only done for a short time frame. It will promote foods that offer many nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants that the human body truly requires to effectively detoxify. It will also seek to reduce or eliminate the quantities of chemicals taken in, possibly by allowing only organic foods. Finally, this diet will heavily feature those foods like water and high fiber foods that are essential in gathering and pulling out the toxins through increased urinating and bowel movements.


More and more research suggests to people that a great number of the chemicals that individuals take in with their water, food, and even air become trapped within the body. Here, these chemicals end up being deposited into fat cells. These chemicals only intensify in the human body, as the body is unable to naturally remove them. Diets that do not contain particular nutrients similarly prevent the body from effectively accomplishing this task.

With time, this chemical build up becomes a body burden. This burden finally causes sicknesses. It has even been connected with weakened immune system performance, imbalance of the hormones, poor metabolism of food, and a deficiency of critical nutrients. Symptoms of these problems include pain in the muscles, blemished skin, tiredness, indigestion problems, and bad breath.

Individuals who go through this specific type of diet generally claim to have more regular bowel movements, clearer skin, and higher amounts of energy, greater concentration, sharper clarity, and better digestion.

Side Effects

A person should not start a detox diet without being aware of the potential side effects first. The most frequent side effect that accompanies them is a headache for the first couple of days. This is commonly the result of going through caffeine withdrawal. To avoid this, people can simply step down their caffeine intake in the days before beginning the detox diet.

Constipation and dehydration, two extremes of the spectrum, are both possible with these diets too. For individuals who ingest greater amounts of fiber and do not match this with an increased amount of fluids, constipation happens. Extreme diarrhea can also result from these diets, and this can cause a loss of electrolytes and dehydration of the body.

The other side effects common with detox diets are loss of weight, irritability, exhaustion, and acne. Over long periods of time, detox diets can lead to deficiencies in critical nutrients such as calcium and protein. If the symptoms become too severe, then the person should see a doctor.

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