Do Detox Diets Work

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People believe that their body will need a period in which it gets detoxed from all the residues which have accumulated. The detox diets are based on the consumption of liquid foods which are water or juices made from veggies or fruit. The length of such a diet will differ from case to case. You may take a weekend, an entire week or 21 days. It depends on your own health and also on the recommendations of the doctor.

The principle behind detox diets is that the cells are cleansed and all the toxins are flushed out from the body. The fluid intake is increased and this is a good thing and so are the all-natural juices from fruit and veggies. The negative aspect of such a diet is that it eliminates all fats for a while. It is important to give the body all the nutrients which it needs in order to function well.

Those who have tested these detox diets say that they are more energetic and they feel great. Some of them have even lost weight. However, some doctors believe that we have organs which are responsible of eliminating all toxic materials and should be left to do its job. In some cases, a too drastic cleansing can eliminate bacteria which are good for the well-being of our organism. Therefore, such detox diets should be approached with a lot of care.

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