3 Ways to Detox on a Budget

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Experts believe that considering the toxic environment we live in, it’s a good idea to detox at least once in a year.


The first step, really, is to stop consuming toxins and which include processed foods, fluoridated water, sugar and their substitutes and so on and so forth.


Of course, the body will react to these changes by releasing the toxins into the blood stream to be released causing headaches, diarrhea, weakness and so on and so forth – also known as a Herxheimer reaction.


The next stage involves trying any of these popular methods in order to cleanse the body of all toxins, and they include:


#1: Heavy Metal Detoxing


A combination of organic cilantro, which can be juiced with a blender and powdered chlorella can be used as a way to detox your body of heavy metals, including mercury. You can also mix chlorella powder along with water and lime/ lemon for the same purposes. Ensure that you drink a lot of water with this so that these metals are flushed out instead of moving to other organs.


#2: Apple Fasting Detox

This method involves only eating organic apples for three days along with drinking pure water. Along with this option, drink a combination of castor oil and orange juice in the amounts of two ounces each for bowel flushing. Also remember to keep drinking while remaining at home for that time.


#3: Take doses of Niacin

Originally used as a method to flush out toxins from the bodies of drug addicts so as to not cause cravings, this can also be used by non-addicts to flush their body of toxins which are usually stored in fat cells. While there is a chance of feeling flushed as well as itchiness, this method is inexpensive and safe. However, before trying this method, check with a doctor.

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