Detox Diet – Get Rid of Toxins Naturally

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Detox Diet – Get Rid of Toxins Naturally

Article by Jeramey Thompson

Detox diet refers to the dietary plan in which a person plans to take up a diet plan just to get rid of the toxins. The procedure is not scientifically approved but there are certain detox diet plans practiced which are aimed to cleanse various body parts. Some of the common forms of detoxification measures are fasting, eating only fruits and eliminating fats, carbohydrates or fruits or herbs. Sometimes it is done by eliminating everything from diet in a day including water. Different detoxification methodologies are used for colon cleansing, removal of dental filing and cleansing therapy.

Doctors do not consider it scientifically effective but the diet is not considered even harmful although not much research has been done in this area. A group of researcher believes that the procedure may help the body to get rid of fat stored toxins in blood from where it is eliminated through skin, feces, breath or urine. After taking the long procedure of going on a Detox diet, one can get clear skin and improved immune system.

In the Detox diet plan following procedures are in use

Using herbs: Colon cleansing is the method in which certain herbs are used to get rid of toxins in colon. Include herbs in your diet which includes licorice root, Psyllium seed, Yucca root, Gentian root and Milk thistle root.

Diet based on fruits: It is found that the vitamins A, C and E are important for body and these vitamins provide the antioxidants to body which is needed for detoxification. Raw fruits and vegetables mostly contain these vitamins and it helps to regenerate the body and destroy old harmful cells. For a detox diet the body is given only fruit juices. Fruits help the body to meet the daily calorie needs and to get rid of the toxins which prevents growth of new cells. After a few days of taking such diet the body cells are rejuvenated and it helps in growth of new cells.

There are other methods such as juice fasting and drug Detox which is used to get rid of the effect of drugs from the body.

Certain rules are followed such as

1. One should take only organic drinks which does not contain fungicides or pesticides. 2. One can include herbal tea with diet.3. Unprocessed food should be taken which includes raw vegetables and fruits.4. Drink a good amount of water and the water should be pure.5. Refined food should be avoided such as powdered grains and processed food.6. Alcohol, tobacco and caffeine should be avoided.

Different stages of detoxification

One has to go on three days fast in which only melons are allowed in the breakfast or you can take yoghurt with seeds. Apple can be taken after some time in the morning and in the lunch salads should be taken.

During lunchtime any of the following fruits such as oranges, grapefruits, pineapples or plums can be taken but many different varieties of fruit should not be mixed. Carrot juice can be taken.

In the evening only apples or bananas should be taken. When one is on the three days fast one should resume work but should not over exert.

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