Best Ways to Lose Weight Quick – 7 Easy Tips

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Best Ways to Lose Weight Quick – 7 Easy Tips

Article by Jason Oh

Want the best ways to lose weight quick? For sure, there is one universal truth about body confidence: When you’re doing some sort of exercise every day and eating well, you naturally feel more positive about your body, not necessarily because you’re losing weight, but because you’re taking care of yourself. So plan to exercise regularly and eat healthy.

Below are just some of the best ways to lose weight quick-

1. Your main priority – improve your nutrition. A good nutritional plan will account for over 70% of your weight loss. Hence aim to eat fresh foods like lean red meat, skinless chicken, vegetables and fruits

2. You need carbs, but aim to get your carbs from their original source. Our ancestor weren’t cream buns and they didn’t eat lamingtons. Carbs of all kinds were harder to come by, and the ones they did eat were rich in fiber and other nutrients. In fact for 99% of humans history, we ate only wild plants and wilder animals. You can still find some wildish grains (vegetables haven’t changed much, in the bulk food section of your local health food store). They have more micro nutrients and vitamins that packaged grains!

3. Don’t be afraid of fat – opt for the mono and poly unsaturated fats like avocados, flax seed oil and nuts. Healthy fats keeps your blood sugar level stable, and it is more satisfying to the body.

4. Aim to get in 5 serves of fruits and vegetables every day. A good daily diet of fiber will keep your body satisfied longer

5. Aim to consumer 5 to 6 healthy mini meals a day – it will reduce the chances of you snacking on fatty junk foods! This is one of the best ways to lose weight.

6. Forget the silly, boring cardios – although any kind of exercise is a good start, long term long cardio sessions will take up too much of your time to lose just a few calories. If yo really want to jack up your metabolism you need to get onto Multi Joint strength training and Interval Training.

7. If you have always struggled to lose stubborn belly fat, then one of the best ways to lose weight quick is with a good detox diet like Top Secret Fat Loss Secret. A good detox is an option to kick start you weight loss, and it will cleanse your body in a healthy manner.

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