Acne Free In Three Days Book – Does it Work or Not?

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Acne Free In Three Days Book – Does it Work or Not?

Article by Ken Aurelia

Acne Free in 3 Days is a popular on line program for acne sufferers – does it actually work?


Acne Free in 3 Days is based on the work of nutritionist Chris Gibson, himself a former sufferer of severe acne. He says he had very bad acne for many years and attempted all kinds of traditional therapies. None of the traditional therapies worked so he began looking for alternative therapies.

After years of research and lots of trial and error, Chris Gibson says he finally came across a remedy that worked. His therapy is available in his guide “Acne Free in 3 Days”.

Since he developed his therapy, he and his manual have been written about in many magazines and he has appeared on several TV shows.

The basic idea in the Acne Free in 3 Days book is to deal with the root causes of acne with a 3-day detoxification – here you are asked to eat specific foods and avoid certain others. The detox tries to address acne on the inside. Skin treatment, says Chris Gibson, can only work on the surface.


There is alot of good information in the ebook about the many causes of acne and what kinds of things you should avoid to help prevent it (specific facial products, drinks, foods etc.)

The core of the system, however, is the 3-day detox diet. If you follow it EXACTLY, your acne can significantly improve or even completely clear up.

Keep in mind that it cannot be precisely 3 days for everyone. Some people’s skin may clear up in 3 days or even less, while other may have to wait 4,5 days or even a week to see the full effects.

It is important that you be very disciplined during the 3-days of detox. The more you let yourself “cheat” and go back to your regular diet during the 3 day detox, the less likely it is that the program will work.


This system is NOT for people with mild acne. Mild acne is a normal part of life for almost everyone. In that case you need to just let it be or use mild over the counter products. This is a serious program requiring discipline, for people who have moderate or severe acne, who have tried “traditional” therapies.

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