4 Ways to Detox As You Usher in the New Year

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The holiday season is one where everyone indulges in a variety of foods and drink to such an extent that our bodies load up on fat and sugar.

While this can’t be avoided, there are simple ways by which one can get a detox as they usher in the New Year:

#1: Drink as much water as possible

Rehydration is key to recovering from the revelry of the past month and a good way to start is by drinking as much water as possible. Better still, add a lemon or orange slice which will decrease inflammation and burn fat as well. Best part: your skin and stomach will benefit from it too.

#2: Avoid coffee

Try to avoid coffee for the first few mornings of the New Year. While you might think that this will help you start your morning better, it will only fuel that sugar and carb craving even more. Instead, get a cup of green tea which will speed up liver activity.

#3: Exercise a bit

Exercising during the holidays is really not possible. So with the New Year beckoning, it’s probably a good thing to work that stiffness off by starting off with just five minutes of yoga stretching. Doing this will ensure that you release oxygen, nutrients and fresh blood to the muscles. Doing some cardio will work even better.

#4: Curb those sugar cravings

You have no option but to get rid of your sugar craving by going cold turkey. In fact, trade in all the processed foods and sweets for whole wheat, fresh fruit and veggies.

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