What do you know about flatulence?

By: elegant

flatulenceGuest post is provided by Coleanse Diet. Flatus is caused by the bacterial process in the digestive tract and due to many reasons people may experience excessive gas situations. Change in dietary habits and use of a supplement such as Coleanse can eliminate embarrassment associated with intestinal gas.

Intestinal gas (flatus) is a bacterial byproduct that happens in the digestive tract. Many consider it to be a natural occurrence and can pass gas six to 20 times per day. Flatus in medical terms refers to gas made in the intestinal tract and the stomach. However, pain, bloating, abdominal distention, and excess flatus volume and smell may indicate an underlying condition that needs attention. They may indicate change in hormone levels, constipation, bloating, bowel obstruction or even Crohn’s disease.

Many change their dietary habits (eating and drinking) to address excessive gas. Some dietary supplements such as Coleanse can provide long term solutions to lingering and embarrassing gas and bloating conditions. Avoiding food such as beans, eggs, carbonated drinks, fried and fatty foods, and dairy products may also help. High protein diets are known to increase the smell of flatus due to sulfur-containing amino acids. Some occasional gas may indicate an underlying medical condition that requires attention of a medical professional.

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