The Goodness of Detox

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The Goodness of Detox

Article by hazel

What is detox? why do we need to do detox, what’s the benefit of it? As we all know, detox is short for detoxification and the purpose of it is to remove toxins from our body. That was by far, the understanding that i knew about detox. Until one of my friend gave me all this rave about the detox diet or so called, master cleanse, that she’d been doing. At first it didn’t sound right to me. For the whole 10 days, she ate nothing but the lemon mixing juice thingy that she’d prepared. I love food and the thought of not having solid food for 10 days was quite freaking me out.Still not convinced, i did a research myself on the point of detoxing. Well, here’s what I got.Why detox? Unhealthy lifestyles and environmental factors cause toxins to build up in our systems and these toxins will create a lot of health problems to our bodies. These include weight gain, cellulite, headaches, dull skin, bloating, fatigue, etc (all that sound very familiar to me) and the process of detoxing will help to remove these toxins out of our bodies.Well, sick of feeling tired and bloated all the time, I decided to have a look at the master cleanse that my friend been raving about. Apparently, this detox diet is quite popular among the celebrities too. Beyonce and Mariah carey are said to be huge fans of this diet.After a week of following the detox, it was quite surprising even to myself. I can now confidently tell you the goodness of this detox. This is something that I really tried and experienced.• It makes you lose weightI lose a total of 4 kg in a week following the detox. I wasn’t initially planned to lose weight, so this come as an extra bonus to me.• It makes you feeling more energeticI didn’t eat anything for a week, yet I feel more energised than before.• It makes your skin glowMy skin becomes brighter and the pores become smaller. It could be just my imagination, but i’m still feeling great and confident about it.• It makes you sleep better at nightI was a bit sceptical about this diet before, thinking that I wouldn’t even pass the first day. Well, the first couple of days were indeed the hardest, but after your body get used to it, it’s just getting easier and easier and without realising, i feel more energetic and lighter.

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