What You Need to Know About the “Master Cleanse”

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It’s only in recent times that the Lemon Detox Diet (or the Master Cleanse Diet) has received a lot of positive attention, thanks to Beyonce being associated with this diet.

In fact, regardless of the recent attention, this diet has been around for 50 years helping one reduce weight and break down toxins as effectively as ever.

So, what is the ‘Master Cleanse’, one might ask?

Simply put, it is the consumption of lemonade consisting of ingredients such as lemons, cayenne pepper, pure maple syrup and water for ten days.

Now, you have to mix these ingredients in the proportion recommended by the detox diet’s creator, Stanley Burroughs, according to the instruction provided in his book, The Master Cleanser.

For the ten days, make sure you drink at least six to twelve glasses of this preparation and especially so when you feel hungry. Along with this, make sure you take a laxative (or a salt water flush) both in the morning as well as the evening.

Make sure that at least three bowel movements occur during the day as this will ensure that the waste that has accumulated in the intestinal walls has been removed permanently. Finally, make sure that the lemonade you drink is fresh and is not microwaved for maximum effectiveness.

Once you are off the diet, one must be careful to reintroduce foods back into your diet. For the first, drink orange juice while on the second, you can start vegetable broths and soups.On the third day, eat fruits and vegetables while slowly easing back into a normal diet hereafter.

Remember that this detox diet is to give your digestive system a ten day break so avoid eating anything or even vitamins and supplements during the ten day period.

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