Maintain a healthy lifestyle with vitamins and supplements and great tips on health

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Maintain a healthy lifestyle with vitamins and supplements and great tips on health

Article by Clay Lang

You’re reading this content because you are somehow fascinated – or you have become fascinated as a result of something you have previously read – about the myteriously named 3-day detox diet. Truly, there are stories making the rounds about a new and efficient 3-day detox diet plan that will not only purify the system of dangerous poisons in the body, but also make one drop some weight within a quick period of time. These stories are more than just fiction. They are true, and they are founded on medical science.The 3-day detox diet can be defined in just a single word: water.Simply put, if you are to undertake this 3-day detox diet, you will be compelled to take water. That’s right. Only water and nothing else. You’re not supposed to eat at all, not even a soda cracker. You’re not supposed to ingest any other liquid supplement that can actually be seen as a food substitute. You’re only allowed to drink water and nothing else but water.Since nothing will be fed to your body except water, it will operate as an agent to eliminate the dangerous toxins that may have accumulated in your system. Though we try to attain the healthiest lifestyle possible, there will still be accidental poisons in the food we eat, and there will still be hazardous byproducts that will be created by the various happenings in our system.However, because of its nature, the 3-day detox diet will deny the participant of the integral nutrients required by his system.This is the number one reason why the 3-day detox diet is not suitable for just about anyone. People are stricken by chronic diseases should not even attempt to engage in this diet program, no matter how short the period of time it may demand. People who are required to exert a lot of hard physical work during their day are likewise dissuaded from partaking of this diet program. Minors as well as old people are disallowed from pursuing the 3-day detox diet, too.Due to the perils involved with the 3-day detox diet, several less risky variations have been designed. These days, we can avail of a 3-day detox diet consisting of fruits and vegetables before lunch, and water in the evening. We can also opt for a 3-day detox diet consisting of 3 phases, one per day, where a particular day will assign a strict low calorie menu.Just to be on the safe side – as an ounce of prevention is always worth more than a pound of cure – do consult your doctor before attempting to engage in any of the types of this 3-day detox diet.Find more tips on being healthy at My Nutrition Store

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