Lose Body Weight Fast

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Lose Body Weight Fast

Article by Damon King

Technically, there are ways a person can lose body weight fast. They may not be the safest of strategies, however there are ways that within a short time-frame you can lose up to 10lbs. The only kick back to this is that it should not be a lifestyle choice as some of the means are unhealthy as well as only with short term affects. Usually the weight-loss does not last, and the body weight lost is regained upon return of normal habits.

Diets to lose body weight fast:

1. Cabbage Diet- The Cabbage diet has proved time and time again that of a fad. However, people who resort to eating the soup as a crash diet have experienced very rapid weight loss.2. Detox Diet- The Detox diet can vary from product cleansers, natural ingredients, and other detox methods. However, they all have one thing in common- they are known to flush out extra body toxins along with excess water, and bowel excretions. People who choose this diet can also lose body weight up to 10lbs in a matter of only a week.3. Low Carb Diets- Low carb diets omit that of foods with high carbohydrates that can increase fat, glucose, and appetite. The key here is you eat protein foods along with salads for substance. It throws your body into ketosis- and wham you lose body weight quick.4. Fasting Diets- Fasting diets all vary enormously. Some of them call for juicing in-between and others call for certain procedures such as enemas, flushes, and etc. However, fasting diets will result in body weight loss- but most of it contends to be water weight.5. Slim Fast Diet- This is a long shot, however, the slim fast diet uses substitutes such as shakes and protein bars in the place of full-fledge meals. There are many people that swear by this weight-loss regimen when they want to lose a quick 5lbs or so in a week.These diets may be quite effective for temporary weight loss or to lose body weight as a jumpstart to a long endeavor of weight loss. However, as a long term way of yo-yo dieting they can really mess with your body in all sorts of ways along with your metabolism. If you want to learn about safer ways of losing body weight check out the diet solution at Low Fat Diet Plan!

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