How to Detox Chemicals to Kickstart Weight Loss

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How to Detox Chemicals to Kickstart Weight Loss

Article by Sandy Halliday

Many people are using detox diets for weight loss. The trouble is that after they come off the detox diet they go back to their regular eating habits and the weight just goes back on again.

While there could be many reasons for this, scientists are now unraveling how man made chemicals can poison your weight control mechanism. These toxic chemicals get into your body from food, from water, the air that you breath and personal care products your put on your skin.

Our bodies have developed a very sophisticated detox system over time that deals with everyday internal toxins produced by our bodies as a result of normal metabolism. But it seems that it is unable to cope with the onslaught of synthetic chemicals that we are bombarded with every day.

Tests on blood and fat tissue samples show without doubt that we accumulate these chemicals in our bodies. Samples of cord blood show that even babies are born full of chemicals that they have acquired from the mother. So doctors that state that detox diets for weight loss are unnecesary and are just a fad aren’t reading the research.

How do chemicals poison your weight loss system?

1. Researchers have shown that synthetic chemicals damage the appetite center in the brain so you end up eating more to feel satisfied2. They damage your body’s mechanism to burn foods efficiently for energy production. 3. They interfere with the way the body burns stored fat.

Which chemicals cause weight gain?

Scientific studies have demonstrated that a wide range of chemicals cause damage to the weight control system causing difficulty in losing weight with normal dieting.

Pesticides, heavy metals, environmental pollutants, some medicines, fire retardants, solvents and synthetic materials like plastics, PVC and styrenes are some of the most common ones. With all these around us is it any wonder there is a huge obesity problem in the Western world?

Women with the highest levels of organochlorines (DDT, lindane, PCB’s -all now banned but persist in the environment) in their bodies were found to be fatter than those who had lower levels according to one study.

Why aren’t we all overweight?

If we are all exposed to these chemicals you might be wondering why some people remain slim. Well it seems that it is all down to genes and eating habits. Some people have better detoxification systems than others so can detox chemicals more readily.

Certain foods are more contaminated that others so a lot depends on the individual diet, the chemicals that the person is exposed to as well as age, nutrient deficiencies, and other habits.

Detox for permanent weight loss.

With the knowledge about how chemicals can make you fat you can now do something about getting rid of them and avoid them for better weight control. Combining a good detox program with a low chemical toxin diet will bring permanent weight loss and better health.

So you can now understand why short detox diets may help you to lose some weight but why it will just go back on again when you return to your regular diet. Getting rid of chemicals that are damaging your weight control system and have been accumulating over your lifetime will take time.

The most contaminated foods if not organic are:

1. Butter2. Salmon3. Spinach4. Strawberries5. Cream Cheese6. Raisins7. Apples, red8. Dill cucumber pickles9. Summer squash10.Green peppers11.Collards12. Processed cheese

Your detox for weight loss plan

Avoid the most contaminated foods and eat organic as much as possible. Drink pure water. Avoid alcohol & fizzy drinksAvoid processed foods, sugar and white flour products.Avoid hydrogenated fats. Eat complex carbohydrates in moderation.Include soluble fiber from oats, beans, fruit and vegetables to bind chemicals released into the gut. Take additional fibre as psyllium husk powder or fruit pectin. Take a good detox support supplement to enable your liver to detox the chemicals.Take an Omega 3 fish oil supplement that is guaranteed free from pollutants. It helps to increases metabolism. Get some exercise and go for far infrared saunas to help mobilize and sweat out the chemicals. Get a shower filter or whole house filter if you take a lot of baths. Detox your home by getting rid of household chemicals and replace with environmentally friendly ones. Use non toxic paint.

The key to effective weight loss and keeping it off is to avoid chemicals that damage your appetite center, glandular system that controls weight loss, and metabolism. Continue with supplements to help your body get rid of chemicals that you can’t avoid. Stay on a healthy balanced diet.

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Sandy Halliday, a former nurse, is a nutritionist and health researcher who is passionate about nutritional therapy and detox to prevent disease and aging and for the treatment of many chronic conditions. She is the author of a new eBook The Definitive Detox Diet

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