Dieting Tips – What to Expect With Detox Diets

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Dieting Tips – What to Expect With Detox Diets

Article by Jono Johnson

Studying the various detox diets that are currently available on the market, the average dieter would be forgiven for mistaking these so called eating plans and dieting regimes as the recipe list for Auswitchz or a detention centre, given their emphasis upon food deprivation and the consumption of some vile potion.

In reality, the bitter irony about many of these detox diets is that they manage to achieve the same thing they were actually designed to avoid, in other words: damaging the body rather than helping it. This is because with many of the more draconian of the detox diets, a scorched earth mentality is expected to be adopted by the dieter and this can have downright dangerous and adverse effects.

One of the issues lies in the lack of genuine knowledge or awareness of detox diets and so many novice consumers end up trying to implement these detox diets for themselves by themselves without consulting any sort of dietary book. The end result is that they end up depriving themselves of the various nutrients that are required by their body and so it is little wonder then that many novice detoxers end up reporting that they feel rather unwell after their detox procedure.

Although legitimate detox diets that have been examined and ratified by nutritional bodies also raise eyebrows (as well as pulses) because their highly restrictive nature means that people are in effect required to go cold turkey and withdraw themselves entirely from food they are used to. Many of us are now accustomed to animal fats, caffeine and refined sugar both on a physiological and psychological level meaning that we may have to deal with the symptoms of withdrawal during the course of our weight loss regime.

Detox diets can also be shown to be rather costly as well because of the number of nutritional supplements that the dieter is expected to use in conjunction with their detox plan. Please note that you may actually endure a significant alteration in your toileting habits (in terms of frequency and intensity) as a direct result of these detox diets and this will be due to the increase of fibre in your diet.

If you are considering detox diets make sure that you only use them so long as you are certain that you will be able to make the items as nutritionally balanced as is reasonably possible.

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