Detoxifying Diet-A Good Choice or Bad?

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Detoxifying Diet-A Good Choice or Bad?

Article by Schetrompf Stupak

Much has been written about the detox diet (detoxification) over the decades. It seems the past ten years, roughly, have seen an explosion of these diets. The basic principle is the same across all of them, and that is to use foods (or liquids) to help your body get rid of toxins. First, we must caution you and suggest you talk to your doctor before embarking on any kind of detox diet. Many people turn to this overall approach when they want to lose weight. While it is possible to achieve that, we feel the loss will be temporary for a variety of reasons. We will talk more about the detox diet in the rest of this article.

There are two basic approaches with many types of detox diets. First, the diet calls for avoiding foods that are known to introduce toxins in your body. Naturally, that is probably something every person should do, anyway. Secondly, the particular diet will recommend you eat foods, or drink liquids, that support the body’s ability to process and eliminate toxins. There is a fairly large variety of detox diets, and frequently they also require that your intake of calories is reduced, as well. You will find some that have you eat much smaller portions or even go on liquid fasting such as with juices, only. The juice fast is considered a detox diet even though you will probably lose weight on it, too. This diet has you drinking only fresh juice made from vegetables or fruit. On this one, we would definitely recommend you are cleared to do this safely from your doctor. There are many different types of juices available, and each one has its own set of benefits and uses. Some examples are wheatgrass juice, beet juice and water. We would also highly suggest you buy your vegetables from an organic health or grocery store. The reason for this is organically grown foods will be certified free of pesticides and other undesirable chemicals.

You can find a variety of detox systems all over the world. It would be impossible to list all of them in this article. Many detox plans originated in India and follow the Ayurvedic system of treating the body. Panchakarma – “five actions” in sanskrit – is one method. It was developed for the use of royalty to promote longevity and improve health. There are five steps involved with the primary function acting as a purifying therapy. The body, as well as the mind, is treated with Pancha Karma. This is done with specific foods and Ayurvedic herbs and teas, as well as fasting. These processes enhance the metabolic process and aid in the elimination of built-up waste products, poisons, and toxins.

People have used detox diets for years in unique shapes and civilizations. Practiced Western medicine has been in the middle of the controversy caused by this admitted alternative medicine. Do venture out in this area carefully and at a slow pace.

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