The One Day Detox Diet

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There have always been both pros and cons to detox diets, with specialists arguing that such a diet does not provide you with any nutritious substances and that it is more harmful than beneficial to the body. Of course, detox diets are useful when you are trying to get rid of alcohol and drugs, but using such a diet for losing weight for a long period of time is said to be harmful to your health.

That is why the perfect solution is the one day detox diet, a very short diet whose effects are amazing. It is not too short, so you can see the results and it is not too long either, so that it has negative effects on your health. Nonetheless, when deciding to follow such a diet, you have to plan carefully in advance what you are going to eat or drink and to go shopping the day before, in order to have everything ready.

You can decide to follow a diet based on juices. Also you can recur to eating only raw food or only vegetables. It is vital that you don’t starve yourself during this one day diet, as you may experience negative effects such as nausea or dizziness. Even though it is a diet that is meant to detoxify your body, it should not lead to starving yourself and endangering your health. The one day detox diet is an extremely helpful tool in getting rid of bad habits and in trying to learn how to lead a healthier life.

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