Are There Diets to Lose Weight Fast?

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Are There Diets to Lose Weight Fast?

Article by Dale Hearn

There are all manner of diet plans to choose from these days, from fad diets to “traditional” diet plans, so the answer to, “Are there diets to lose weight fast” isn’t a simple yes or no. Yes, there are diets that if followed will result in fast weight loss, but you probably won’t keep the weight off. Yes, there are diets that if followed won’t result in fast weight loss, but you stand a much better chance of keeping the weight off once you lose it. A detox diet probably stands between a rapid weight loss diet and a slow weight loss diet, in that the weight, which may be lost quickly, may not necessarily be gained back.

A detox diet will do a couple of things for you. First of all, it will help rid your body of the accumulation of toxins that many of us have because of poor diets and exposure to the chemicals that have become part of our daily environment. And, you will lose weight simply by removing items from your diet, such as processed sugar and alcohol, which most detox diets call for.

You will probably notice immediate results from your detox diet, besides weight loss. These can include enhanced energy, better skin, and easier digestion. However, depending on how “toxic” your body is, you may also find that initially you feel like crap, to put it bluntly. Many people have a lot of bugs and toxins in their system and if you kill them off too quickly, you will get a Herksheimer’s reaction (weakness, nausea, etc.). If you get a strong reaction, you should probably spread the detox diet out over a longer time period.

What foods will you have to give up on a detox diet? Generally, red meat, alcohol, caffeinated drinks, dairy products, processed foods, junk foods, and processed carbs, such as white bread, will be taboo. You will be able to eat fish, lean turkey and chicken, fruit juices, raw vegetables, and brown rice. And be sure to drink plenty of water.

A rule of thumb is to stick to a detox diet for 2 weeks. After this period of time you will have lost some weight and may be tempted to return to your old ways, because of the restrictive nature of the diet, but a better plan would be to use the detox diet to jump start your long term commitment to better eating habits and incorporate some of the dietary guidelines followed during your detox into a sensible diet plan you can follow for life.

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