6 of the Best Detox Diet Programs For Fast Weight Loss and Better Health!

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Hundreds of detox diets have hit the market these days, and it can get a little overwhelming as to which one you should try. The key thing to remember while deciding what the best detox diet for you is, your goals to what you want to accomplish and how fast. Simply put, be certain to find the best program to help you get to your weight loss and health goals as easily as possible. Just account for your lifestyle and schedule when deciding and you will be fine.

Listed below are 6 types of detox plans. Scan through the different diets and select the best diet detox for you.

Four-Week Detox Plan – This program is very thorough as it aims to flush out toxins in different parts of your system. You could call this a complete “overhaul”.

Lemon Diet – Also called Master Cleanse,this detox diet consists of only liquid and made from fresh lemons. It is the ultimate way to detox your body quickly. The first couple days are tough, but after that you start feeling great.

Detox for Women – This women only program has 3 steps while detoxing and is more flexible than some others with two options you can use.

Martha’s Vineyard Detox Diet – Roni Deluz developed this detox diet, and if you follow the steps you can see a pound a day dropped for three weeks.

Fast Track Detox Diet – This detox diet is an 11-day plan that is great for jumpstarting weight loss or getting over a slump when you reach a dieting plateau.

UltraSimple Diet – The Ultra Simple Diet was created by Mark Hyman, M.D., a pioneer in functional medicine, a branch of alternative medicine that claims to address the underlying causes of illnesses. The Ultra Simple Diet is based on the theory that weight problems are caused by health problems. The diet, therefore, is meant to address underlying health problems such as toxicity and inflammation. It does this through a strict diet, dietary supplements, an exercise regime, and saunas.

Which program you decide to use will be based on your lifestyle, schedule etc. The important thing is pick the best diet detox for you. If you happen to choose one that doesnt work for you, you can always test another out to see if it will be more effective. You never know, maybe a second choice could be your best diet detox!

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