4 Principles of a Simple-to-Follow Detox Diet

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If you’ve been eating a lot, considering the season, then it’s time for a detox. Speaking of which, people tend to think it’s going to rigorous. However, one such diet is simple and effective and one only has to try this three or four days in a year.

So, here are 4 principles of this simple-to-follow detox diet:

#1: Limit Calorie Intake

It’s a good idea to stick with consuming food that amounts to 1400-1600 calories. While you might lose just a little weight, you’ll still have enough energy. The problem with consuming 1200 calories or less is that your body begins to burn muscle instead of fat. Apart from this, you won’t get enough vitamins too.

#2: Drink water

Drink enough water to flush out toxins from your liver, colon, kidneys and lymph nodes. That said, avoid drinking too much water but one to two quarts a day should do. The clues that you’re drinking enough water is that you should want to visit the loo every two hours while the urine you do pass is clear too.

#3: A Healthy Breakfast

While this is a tip that you might hear all the time, this remains an excellent piece of advice that should not be forgotten. Skipping breakfast means that you will overeat later on since you might not have much energy to get through the day. A couple of excellent options include: Greek yoghurt with berries, topping an apple with peanut butter, scrambled eggs with beans or even salmon with a toast of bread.

#4: Watch your snacking

If you have a late afternoon craving, then there are a few healthy options that might suit you. Some of them include a bit of chocolate, fruit, unsalted nuts as well as air-popped popcorn.

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