3 Simple Ways to Detoxify Oneself from Negative Emotions and Toxins

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Detoxifying oneself does have to be an exhausting, complex and expensive process. Just a few changes in one’s daily habits can flush out emotional and physical toxins literally everyday.

So, here are 3 simple ways by which one can detoxify themselves from negative emotions and toxins:

#1: Breathe correctly
Most of us don’t take time to stop and think about how we breathe – since it happens naturally. However, the way we breathe is, for the most part, shallow, stressed and constricted leading to the accumulation of toxins in our body, thanks to the lack of oxygen obtained from breathing in the right way.

A technique to correct the way you breathe, otherwise known as ‘kapalbhati’ practice, can do wonders to detoxify your body of any toxins that are present.

#2: Drink Water
Even if this is common knowledge to most people, it must be said that 2.2 liters of water will flush toxins out of the body everyday and in the process, make it easier on the kidney and liver. Better still, adding juice from half a lemon will not only facilitate this process of detoxification but also support the liver. Chinese medicine believes that balancing these two organs will also have a positive effect on our emotional health. However, ensure that you drink only purified water.

#3: Dry Skin Brushing
With the use of long-handled bristle brush, one can detoxify their bodies through drk skin brushing. Not only are dead skin cells removed but one will stimulate the lymphatic and immune system while also reducing the amount of cellulite known for storing toxins. It only takes about 5-10 minutes to brush the entire body. After this, take a hot shower, drink a big glass of water and breathe deeply.

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