3 Daily Detox Tips That You Can Follow Daily

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It’s common knowledge that the body has a natural ability to heal itself. However, what can be better if you not only allow your body to purify itself while helping it along too.


In fact, one does not have to go on a detox but can incorporate these simple tips in their lives literally everyday.


That said, here are 3 simple detox tips:


#1: Drink Green Juice

The major advantage of drinking green juice is that it adds life-giving chlorophyll to your system. Experts believe that juicing is the ultimate fast food which, within 15 minutes, can help you improve your health. Some of the best recipes include a juice of celery, lemon and pear and celery, cucumber and lemon. Apart from this, you can even have celery, cucumber, lemon and pear as well as celery, cucumber, lemon, parsley and pear.


#2: Breathe Deep into your Abdomen

One of the most powerful ways by which you can detoxify your body is by breathing deeply into your abdomen, which in turn, activates your lung system. Since upto 70% of waste products are eliminated by our lungs and the rest through urine, faeces our skin, there’s no doubt an advantage to breathing deeply and slowly.


#3: Add Coriander and Parsley to your Diet

These two green plants are extremely effective in removing heavy metals from their bodies. Not only can you add them to juices but also meals, salads and soups.

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