3 Aims of Any Detox Program

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In this toxic world that we live, a detoxification on a regular basis is definitely needed. Since there are a number of chemicals in the air, water and food, going on a program of periodic cleansing will only increase our chances on being able to boast of leading a healthy life.

So, the next question might: what constitutes a detox program?

For this, there are 3 main goals that a detox program seeks to achieve, the best ones usually meet all of them.

#1: Reduces the ingestion of chemicals

The first phase of diet involves not only reducing the exposure of chemicals to the body through food but also reducing the amount of food as well. This also works to gives the digestive system rest instead of carrying out its duties as helping your system digest food.

So, in order to meet this first goal, most detox programs begin with fasting and which will end with a number of fresh vegetable juices for a number of days.

#2: Nourishes the body with nutrients

During the fasting phase when toxins are being removed from your system, there’s more of a possibility of these toxins causing harm while they’re on their way out by causing free radical damage. It is for this reason that juice fasting is an excellent way to neutralize these free radicals while also providing important nutrients that the body can do with.

#3: Supports organs that are responsible for elimination

Getting the most out of the detox program requires you not only to meet the first two objectives but to meet the third one as well. This involves supporting the organs that eliminate the toxins from our body such as the liver, bowel, kidneys, skin as well as our breath too.

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