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Summary: If you feel sluggish, this single tip might change your life.

How are you feeling right around 3 PM? Are you alert and ready for the rest of your day, or feeling sluggish and ready to throw in the towel? If you feel sluggish, it could be that your body is missing vital nutrients and has trouble detoxifying. These processes are natural, but unhealthy choices we make compound a problem we deal with every day: keeping our bodies clean.

One small change to your lifestyle can really make a difference in your energy reserves. Once you start using detox juice recipes, it’s hard to stop.

Energy Reserves

Our body is constantly metabolizing what we eat, and it tries to turn that food into energy. If we eat too much processed food, our bodies become bogged down in toxins and grime. Like a car that has an engine caked in dirt.

If this were teeth, we’d use a pick to clean them or a brush to brush them. We can’t know exactly how well our internal organs are processing and detoxifying. We can feel symptoms, like energy loss, so we use those factors to gauge our health.

Blender Recipes

Juicing without fiber is a huge mistake. We can’t process the nutrients very effectively without some fiber to help things along, and we don’t get the nutritional benefits our bodies need. That’s why many people turn to recipes done in the blender. Everything from salsa and salad dressing, to smoothies and juices.

Healthier, natural foods will give you better sleep and clearer skin too.

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